Bargains Galore: Estate Sale by S&H

Dates & Times

The sale you are looking at occurred in the past.

🎉  Step right into an S & H Estate Sale where treasures await and bargains beckon! Picture this: you, surrounded by an assortment of wonders that make Willy Wonka's chocolate factory seem like old news. Let the shopping spree begin!

Ҽ TV's and Speakers: Behold the gateway to a universe of riveting dramas, heart-pounding action, and reality TV so real you'll wonder if it's scripted. The speakers? They'll make you feel like you're at a live concert, or at least in the front row of your favorite cat video.

🦆Œ Hunting Clothes and Halloween Costumes: Whether you're stalking deer or just hunting for compliments at the next costume party, we've got you covered. Who says camouflage can't be the latest fashion trend?

³ Pots, Pans, and Tupperware: Dive into the sea of kitchen wonders, where Tupperware reigns supreme and pots and pans are the unsung heroes of all culinary adventures. Get ready to cook up a storm and organize your leftovers like a boss!

•°ï¸ Clocks: Time flies when you're having fun!

👗 Formal Dresses: Channel your inner Cinderella with our collection of formal dresses. Perfect for any occasion, from glamorous galas to impromptu living room fashion shows.

” Grill: Become the ultimate backyard BBQ maestro.

š¿ Bathroom Misc..

‘° Wedding Dress: Did someone say "I do"? 

🎄 Christmas & Holiday Decorations: Why wait for the holidays? Sprinkle a little festive magic in your life all year round. 

📚️ Golf Clubs: Show off your swing or use them as a stylish accessory for that "I'm totally a golfer" look. 

›‹ï¸ Couch and Loveseats: Sink into comfort with our selection of cozy couches and loveseats.

🦆† Duck Decoys: But them with the camouflage jackets. 

🐎± Pool Table & Supplies: Turn your home into a billiards paradise! Challenge your friends to a game of pool and discover if you have a hidden talent.

š½ Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals: Embrace the domestic goddess (or god) within with our arsenal of cleaning supplies. 

Brand New Adjustable Height Standing Desk: Rise to the occasion and conquer your workday with a desk that's as flexible as your schedule. Stand tall and let productivity soar!

All this and more at our next sale. 

Terms & Conditions

S&H Estate Sales & Service Rules:

Please Park respectfully.  Do NOT park in front of mailboxes or driveways! 

If you don't feel good, we ask that you kindly refrain from coming to this sale. The safety of our customers and staff is our highest priority.

We will be abiding by our limited amount of people allowed in the house and garage at one time. (NO MORE THAN 20/30 AT A TIME). This is due to the size of the house and the amount of items in it. If you are waiting outside in line, we ask that you dress according to weather conditions. You may experience longer wait times (one person in = one person out, whether you came with another person or not).  WE DO NOT DO LISTS!

We hand out numbers at 8 am on Friday morning. We open at 9. The numbers will be in a small tote on the front porch. On Saturday there are no numbers. It is first come/first serve. 

Please remember you are a guest in someone’s home. Please wipe your feet! No pets allowed (except for service animals). The old adage of “you break it, you buy it” will apply. Our staff is NOT able to lift/carry/haul your purchases, so PLEASE arrange for pick-up and help of whatever you plan on buying, especially large appliances and furniture. In fairness to all customers we will NOT give out price information in advance. The address will be published one day before the sale.

Terms and Conditions: Cash & Local Checks are accepted. A $30 charge will apply for NSF. Credit Cards will be accepted based on internet reception and a 3% fee will apply. (All Check transactions will require a signature & phone number.) Taxes are required to be collected at a 5.5% rate, per State law. S&H is Not Responsible for Accidents. All Items are Sold AS IS, NO REFUNDS/RETURNS/EXCHANGES. Please check your purchases thoroughly before buying. All Sales are FINAL. There will be a Limited Number of Pink Estate Sale signs located in the vicinity to direct you to this house.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We are sorry for any inconvenience.